I believe that each client I have the privilege of working with is a unique person and therefore my approach with each client is unique to the individual as well. I am trained in most of the current theoretical approaches in counselling and psychotherapy and I put a great deal of value in rapport and trust in my relationship with my clients. I believe that healing takes place in an atmosphere where clients feel valued, and are viewed by their therapist with unconditional positive regard. My approach is quite holistic in nature and I believe in mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional connection. I believe in a higher power, however I completely respect my client's beliefs on these issues and regard them as quite personal matters. They are only relevant to our therapy work if my clients choose to discuss them. I believe that I have learnt from everyone that I have ever worked with and we all constantly teach and learn from one another. I use cognitive approaches with those individuals who are immersed in painful feelings and are in need of more connection with their logical and rational mind. However, with those individuals who are too immersed in their thoughts and constantly "live in their head", I use more affective-oriented approaches. So, I either try to help people to pull themselves towards their head, or bringing them from their head and down into their heart and gut level. With clients who have an addiction, I work with the Minnesota and 12-step model. My clients who have an addiction or eating disorder will be highly encouraged to attend the 12-step fellowships during their therapy with me.